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Landscape Maintenance & Installation

Landscape Maintenance

Mele Landscape Contractors is committed to employing environnmentally friendly practices for the maintenance of our customers' sites.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any landscape looking its best. We offer full landscape maintenance services and always keep our properties looking their best. Different landscapes require unique maintenance plans and we will develop one to best suit your individual needs. Contact us today to find out how you can bring out the best in your landscape.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

As all plantings get bigger, they need to be pruned for both aesthetic and health reasons. When pruning shrubs, we practice both shape pruning for an exact defined look and selective hand pruning giving a more natural look. Sometimes when shrubs have been neglected during growth (very common), it is necessary to rejuvenate them through selective pruning and thinning.


Nothing sharpens the look of a landscape like fresh mulch. Besides appearance, having the right amount of mulch is critical to the health of your landscape plantings. It helps keep moisture in the ground by the plants root system, while organically decomposing over time giving nutrients back to the soil.

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

There are three methods we use to control weeds in mulch and rock beds. Hand weeding, pre-emergent herbicide treatments and post-emergent herbicide treatments all have their time and place. Most often the best way to control weeds is by using a combination of these three methods or by choosing the most appropriate based on conditions and customer needs. Non-chemical options are also available.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

This herbicide is applied to mulch and rock beds to prevent weed seeds from ever germinating. It is usually applied in the spring, but can be applied any time during the growing season. We usually only make one application per season with this service.

Post-emergent Weed Control

This herbicide is applied to existing weeds in mulch and rock beds. Depending on your demands for keeping your property weed-free, the number of applications for this service varies. We usually set up a schedule (monthly or bi-monthly) for applications to all your landscape beds.

Sidewalk, Curb, and Driveway Edging

This service defines the concrete borders of your property and gives it a clean manicured look. Turf overgrowth (both grass and soil) onto concrete is natural and can take away from the overall appearance of your lawn. Edging removes this overgrown turf and gives your lawn a crisp, clean appearance.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

We offer full service clean ups, including removal and disposal of all your undesirable lawn refuse. At the time of clean ups, we often encourage our customers to sign up for shrub pruning and perennial bed clearing as it is a good time to prune and clear out beds. Every property is unique in its requirements for spring and fall clean ups and we will come up with a program that best suits your specific needs.

Landscape Installation

Creating beautiful landscapes is what we like to do best. We offer complete design and construction services for any size project. From idea to conception, to the final planting, we do it all. All of our designs are created by a registered landsace architect and are limited only by your imagination.

All of our practices, products, and equipment are of premium quality and bring out the finest in every landscape. Your property will be a reflection of the quality of our service.

Our services include:

-  Complete Design & Planning Services

-  New Construction Installation

-  Tree and Shrub Planting

-  Flower Selection and Planting

-  Clearing & Grubbing









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